Gastly Gastly

Type: Ghost
Level: 10
Hitpoints: /
Experience points: 230+
Description: When exposed to a strong wind, a Gastly's gaseous body quickly dwindles away. They cluster under the eaves of houses to escape the ravages of wind.
Evolution(s): Evolves at Level 40 to Haunter.

Price in shop: /
Abilities: None
Behaviour: Passive
Location: Lavender,North of celadon
Loot: (0-1) Future orb, Trace of ghost (Common)
Move Level Cooldown
Lick 10 22 sec
Shadow ball 10 10 sec
Night Shade 15 15 sec
Invisibility 17 50 sec
Hypnosis 20 50 sec
Fear 23 25 sec